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The Lucan Residences mark the very first Autograph Collection Residences standalone property in the Marriott's Global Residential Portfolio. Developed by GRID Properties, The Lucan is envisaged as a beacon of architecture in conversation with the rich history of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

To aid with the marketing of each of the residences once the build phase completed, GRID Properties delivered a brief to Perception Studios to capture imagery that would represent the view from the balcony of each of the residences across each of the 5 levels.


After collaboration with the local council and The Lucan the site managers and having secured all relevant flying permits, the weather on the day of the flight broke to glorious blue skies which made for a relaxing flight, capturing all necessary imagery as per the client request.


With the imagery captured, each relevant view was firstly retouched to remove any distracting elements such as people or litter on pavements and then graded to make each image pop from the page. 

As a further extension of the brief, GRID properties expressed a desire to explore retouching some of the marketing material to remove some of the less aesthetic aspects of the buildings that surrounded The Lucan. After working on a couple of sample images, utilising traditional retouching methods and not relying on generative ai, the clients decided to leave the images without the retouching in order to streamline the process to publishing their marketing materials.

The Lucan
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